Reasons why Suzanne van der Wilden has 100% satisfaction rating from her clients: 

"My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I began our search for a home to share together in Queens last September. It was a frustrating, often wearying time as we visited one disappointing property after another. When we finally decided to look upriver from NYC and happened into Rivertown Realty in Croton-on-Hudson one cold rainy Saturday last February, our luck changed. That was when we met Suzanne van der Wilden. We knew right away that Suzanne was the person we wanted to guide us through the unfamiliar territory of the Lower Hudson Valley. She is smart, gracious, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and energetic, and best of all, she understood our idiosyncratic needs right away. Those needs were specific and made the search more difficult: 2 separate living spaces, 2 studios, a yard with plenty of privacy, and a unique aesthetic that, while difficult to define, Suzanne understood right away. Although it was demanding search, Suzanne remained patient and resolute throughout the process. She has to be the hardest working realtor in the entire Hudson Valley, often picking up family members at various metro north stations and driving them to see as many as 10 properties in a single day. On Friday the 13th of April, she drove us down several unpaved roads and up a long winding driveway to a spot that we all fell in love with. We made a bid. Suzanne handled the negotiations in a masterful fashion, and we closed on Monday, July 30. Suzanne proved herself to be a champion every step of the way, unfailingly working to insure our best interests. We trusted her judgment and counsel implicitly. Suzanne van der Wilden is not only a consummate professional; she is also a remarkable person whom we now consider a friend, and we are forever grateful to her for leading us to the our wonderful new home."

Martha Ferris

"I can say with the highest confidence that I would recommend Suzanne van der Wilden to be the agent for anyone looking for a home in the Northern Westchester area. After over a year of searching, my wife and I met Suzanne and she immediately became attuned to our needs and concerns. After offering her assistance, we found Suzanne to be highly knowledgeable, organized, and patient. Even when hitting snags during the closing process, Suzanne addressed our concerns in a timely way with admirable professionalism. We are very grateful to have been able to work with her on finding our first home."

Ryan Walz

"Before meeting Suzanne van der Wilden, I had worked with several agents in my search for a home and not one could compare to Suzanne in expertise, insight, intuition, patience, knowledge and generosity. Suzanne was a profoundly keen listener and brilliantly interpreted my family's needs by curating a compelling array of homes to show us, all while offering many wise and helpful suggestions on the process of home buying. Once we found a home we loved, Suzanne went above and beyond duty to ensure we had ALL our questions answered and all our concerns addressed. She offered consistently excellent recommendations and proved an extremely insightful guide from the early stage of many house visits to our recent closing. I cannot recommend her more highly. I am extremely grateful to have worked with her and still consider her a source of great wisdom as we make our long awaited move."

Samantha Sulaiman

"Suzanne did an amazing job for us on both our purchase and sale. She went above and beyond all of our expectations. Her advice and assistance in preparing our home was a huge factor in generating multiple offers in the first 48 hours of the listing going live and ultimately lead to to a signed contract at substantially above our asking price. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Westchester."

Mark Shapiro

"Suzanne did a great job helping us find our dream home. She is very experienced with the whole process and very responsive through the whole process. We came from NJ with little knowledge of the neighborhood, the town, and the county. She went extra miles to provide us all the information we need to make the big decision. She is the dual agent for our buy. She truly represent both sides in a fair way, which I think is unbelievable."

Can Tan

"If you’re looking for a home, and you can’t find it, I would gently urge you to stop looking for a home and start looking for Suzanne van der Wilden, who can be found at River Towns Real Estate in Croton-On-Hudson about 30 miles north of New York City.  Suzanne is an extraordinary real estate agent, and best of all, a wonderful person.  My wife and I, along with our daughter and son-in-law, spent six frustrating months looking for a home, and we had begun to believe we would never find one we could both love and afford.  We stopped in Croton-On-Hudson one day for coffee, and quite by chance we wandered into River Towns Realty to ask a question about one of their listings, and the first person we met was Suzanne van der Wilden.  Suzanne radiates warmth and enthusiasm – she is unfailingly gracious and attentive – and we sensed right away that she was a good listener, a quick learner, and a committed professional with years of savvy and experience, all of which she gladly puts to work for her clients.  The four of us felt immediately that we wanted to work with Suzanne, and it was the smartest decision we could have made.  She works incredibly hard for her clients.  She is professional, diligent, efficient, endlessly patient, completely determined, and always eager to help.  She is a terrific communicator, and we understood right away that we had found the best possible person to help us find the best possible home for the four of us.  She has years of experience, but her enthusiasm and energy remain consistently high, and while she is in every way a lovely person with a fine mind and gentle disposition, she is doggedly determined and never waivers in her efforts to locate the perfect home at the best possible price.  Suzanne went far beyond the call of duty in her efforts on our behalf, and we soon came to regard her as a friend. Best of all, we knew we had found the strongest possible guide to lead us to the right home.  We visited a good many places with Suzanne, who seemed to have an uncanny knack for identifying properties that appealed to us, and she quickly identified the one and only home that worked perfectly for all of us.  We made a bid, and Suzanne handled the negotiations with her usual combination of tact, determination and skill.  She labored over every detail, overcame every difficulty and remained ferociously (but diplomatically!) focused on our interests from start to finish. I can’t help feeling badly for people who are wandering around looking for a home and feeling not only lost but also discouraged.  Suzanne van der Wilden is the perfect antidote to the anxieties that accompany the search for a new home, and I can recommend her services enthusiastically and without reservation.  If you find her, you will have found the essential ingredient to finding the home you want and need. She’s nothing short of wonderful."  
Kos Kostmayer

"I've bought and sold 5 homes in my lifetime and can say unequivocally that Suzanne is the finest realtor I've ever worked with and a rare human being. She has tremendous personal integrity and deep knowledge and wisdom about people, the real estate market, the communities in which she sells homes and local laws and ordinances which may affect home buying."

Lisa Noble

"I cannot speak highly enough of Suzanne as an agent. She guided me through the process of renting my home with professionalism, patience and kindness. Additionally, she ensured that I understood the nuances of each step. Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge about the Croton area and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell, rent or buy in the region."

Lilli Ross

"Suzanne was incredibly professional, proactive and responsive. We would highly recommend her to anyone! Her local knowledge was invaluable and once we found the house we love, she skillfully guided us through the buying process. Choosing a house can be a daunting process. Choosing the right realtor makes a significant difference; we are delighted to have chosen Suzanne." 
Alicia and Andrew Leibowitz

“Suzanne was a great help in the search for our first home. As first time buyers, we had limited knowledge regarding home buying, which she took the time to explain clearly. She gave wonderful advice and insight at the homes we looked at and helped us focus on our needs to find a home that fit them. After we decided on a home, she was expedient in the negotiation phase and followed up continually to ensure that all of our concerns were addressed in a prompt manner. We're now moved into our new home and are very happy with our decision. We would highly recommend contacting Suzanne for her services.” 
Elizabeth and Adam Corts 


“Suzanne was the best agent we could have hoped to have. She understood the particular challenges in selling our house and how to get it ready and well positioned for the marketplace. She kept us informed, took care of the endless details and was the key player in making the sale go through quickly and painlessly. I recommend her completely and would use her again in a minute.” 
Barry Adler 


“Thoughtful, lovely, knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with. Suzanne worked with us and advised us on ways to stage the house to give it an even more appealing character. Her finishing touches clinched the sale.”
Hallie Wolfe

“Suzanne recently assisted my wife and I with finding our new home in Westchester. Suzanne was one of two agents referred to us, and after meeting with her, we immediately knew she would be the one to find us our next home. She was extremely diligent throughout the whole process, from assisting us with viewing properties, to negotiating the purchase price to ultimately closing on our house.  Suzanne assembled the right team of people that made the process flow very smoothly. Right up until the day of our closing, Suzanne regularly communicated with us to provide updates as well as assisting us with small details. We would recommend her to anyone looking to find a home in the Westchester area.”  
James and Lana Port

“In addition to Suzanne's professional and business acumen, she went above and beyond my expectations by her range of service. Her compassion and concern for our family's well-being were demonstrated repeatedly. She is indeed a rare breed! I enthusiastically recommend Suzanne to any prospective client.”
Noreen Polus

“At the onset, Suzanne’s experience and knowledge of current real estate markets helped us understand the market conditions we faced and to take measures to maximize our return from the sale. Each aspect of the transaction she facilitated in a thoroughly professional, yet unfailingly cordial and considerate manner.”
Brian and Maureen Fitzpatrick

“Suzanne was a great advisor and coordinator for the sale of our house.  She is very professional and knowledgeable about keeping the deal moving forward, anyone can list a house but it takes experience to keep deals together and on to the final closing.  We would absolutely recommend her services to others.”
Brad & Natallia Bui

 “Suzanne was proactive on our behalf, knowledgeable of the local real estate market, provided quality counsel and advice, and helped smooth over the inevitable bumps in the road that appeared between listing and closing. She was respectful of our sentimental attachment to our family home, saw and appreciated the special features of the house and yard, and patiently educated and collaborated with us concerning preparations for pricing the house on the market. The house sold quickly. Suzanne minimized the burden on all of us by graciously acting on our behalf to help resolve issues on several occasions. We recommend Suzanne’s real estate services without reservation.”
The Kingman Family

 “Suzanne van der Wilden is an excellent realtor for so many reasons. She gave us great tips for showing our home and was always professional. She helped get our house sold in a relatively short time in a terrible market. She was super helpful and really tried her best to get information we needed at our closing. I have already recommended her to my neighbor…. She was extremely patient with us throughout the whole process and we are very grateful she was our realtor.”
Una & Vin Andrews

“If you are in need of the services of an excellent realtor, Suzanne is your person. When my siblings and I sold our family home, Suzanne was very sensitive to the needs of a family still grieving the loss of a parent. Her kindness and attention to detail helped tremendously to sell a house in the worst market in years. She kept us informed of all visits and comments from would be buyers and other realtors showing the property. She provided regular reports on what was selling and aggressively marketed our property to stay ahead of the competition. Suzanne is a professional with a heart, I would recommend her services to any in need of an excellent realtor.”
Guy Simone

 “Suzanne is the best realtor I’ve ever worked with. I am a builder, so I have dealt with many realtors. Her honesty and communication was superb. I couldn’t express how much I appreciated her skills. This being an out of town transaction made it much more complicated and Suzanne made it simple.”
Lisa Cole

 “…I cannot say enough about how helpful Suzanne was and how hard she worked on our behalf. Suzanne understood our financial constraints and always worked within them. Suzanne was a wonderful example of how a salesperson should always work in the best interests of her clients.  Suzanne is quite simply the best and most ethical salesperson I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many, both personally and professionally. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  
Joanne T. Marren 

“Dear Suzanne:…We are extremely grateful for all you have done to make our real estate transactions run so smoothly. We truly relied upon you to have the answers to know the right questions to ask and to be there for us, which you always were! You delved deeply in order to get our every question answered and acting as a mediator when a problematic issue arose. We were so impressed, also, with your honesty and professional ethics.”
Joe & Pam Pieroni

“Dear Suzanne:…Your professionalism and knowledge were invaluable. You helped me every step of the way to overcome a difficult seller’s market. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated you going the extra distance for me. Thank you so very much.”  
Nora Hildinger

  “Suzanne…your professionalism, positive attitude and warm caring personality enabled us to get through the drama of selling the family home. I would enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone who is looking to sell, or buy in Croton on Hudson.”
Thomas Simone

“When the task of finding a fitting home for my ailing parents fell to me, I turned to Suzanne and found an amazing partner and realtor. Suzanne deftly managed an evolving list of requirements, fielded numerous questions and concerns and, in consideration of our time frame and limited availability, showed us only those options which suited the family’s and our parents’ specifications. Suzanne’s knowledge of the market was really evident. She conducted a ton of research, clearly and professionally presented the options and did an amazing job negotiating, previewing and handling Certificate of Occupancy and other potential impediments, enabling us quickly to find and close on a terrific house. This was all done in time to have my parents move north before winter sets in (a big concern for us). Suzanne’s compassion and attention were evident throughout the process. A million thanks to Suzanne for all of her incredible hard work, flexibility, patience and kindness. We could not and would not have done it without her.”  
Jaime Salles

 “Suzanne is smart, funny, listens well, is patient, and good company. Which is what you need when you are looking for either a home or a rental. God knows it's stressful, and her unique calm was wonderful to behold. In terms of negotiating the deal, she was fantastic. If you choose to work with her, she will find you a home that you will love. It doesn't get better than that.”  
Kathryn Graves

“Dear Suzanne:…Thank you not only for helping us find our new home, but really caring about our needs. You worked very hard for us and devoted so much time and effort. We see you as our real estate agent and friend. You are the best!”
Mayra & George Caguano

 “Suzanne…Thanks so much for all that you did for me, you went beyond the call of duty. It was a pleasure working with you. I appreciate all the time you spent with me, and all your advice and insight. It was very helpful."
Patrick Reagan

“Suzanne…thank you so much for all of your help and support in finding our perfect house. We could not be more thrilled with the house and neighborhood and look forward to raising our family here. Thanks again for everything.”
eon Family
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